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Villas in Locorotondo

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Officially known as one of the Boghi piú belli d'Italia, the most beautigul villages of Italy, Locorotondo is a gorgeous white-washed town in a panoramic position (also known as the balcony of the Valle d'Itria) over the surrounding countryside. The narrow rectagular houses with pointed roofs are eye catching and circle round the edge of the center, hence the "rotund" part of the town name.

There is no real tourist attractions here, however it is simply a nice place to spend an evening dining, drinking and stolling around. The main square is the Piazze Vittori Emanuele at the top of the slope and has cafe's and a tourist information office.

Locorotunda is famous for its wine, which you will find in many restaurants throughout Puglia, in addition to aother speciality, the u tridde, a freshly made pasta with pecorino cheese and parsley in a turkey broth.

The town is located between Martina Franca and Alberobello in the heart of the Valle d'Itria. People wishing to explore Puglia often visit all three towns in the same day, however none of them are alike so really it depends on which takes your fancy the most

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