Flying to Italy

How to get to Italy regions by air

Amalfi Coast

The easiest way to reach the Amalfi Coast is by Naples International Airport, which is a 50-70 minute transfer depending on the resort you are staying in.

Direct flights from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, East Midlands

Lake Como

This area benefits from being within easy reach of three airports; Bergamo, Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate, which have flights from regional airports throughout the UK.

Direct flights from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester

Lake Garda

Blessed with being centrally located which means you will be spoilt for choice in terms of airports.  The main airports Milan Bergamo, Verona (Catullo airport) or Milan Malpensa are the most convenient but you can also use Venice or Treviso.

Direct flights from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh & Manchester to Milan. Flights direct to Verona from London only.

Le Marche 

Served by Ancona airport but it is also possible to access the region by neighbouring airport in Pescara or a drive down the Adriatic coast from Venice.

Direct flights to Ancona from London only


Served by two main airports; Bari in the north and Brindisi in the south.

Direct flights to Bari from London & Liverpool. Direct flights to Brindisi to London only.


3 main airports to access Sardinia; Cagliari in the South; Alghero in the North West and Olbia in the North East.

Direct flights to Cagliari & Olbia from London, Bristol & Manchester. Direct flights to Alghero from Birmingham, London & Manchester


Resorts in the east such as Taormina and Syracuse are served by Catania airport.  Resorts in the north such as Cefalu are served by Palermo airport. Trapani in the north west has its own airport but is also served by Palermo.  The southern resorts of Ragusa and Modica are served by local Comiso airport but it is also possible to use Catania.

Direct flights to Catania from London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol


Pisa airport is the main international airport in Tuscany and there is also Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence.  Bologna and Geniva airports are also within easy reach.

Direct flights to Pisa from East Midlands, London, Glasgow & Manchester. Direct flights to Florence from London only


There are 3 main ways to access Umbria: Perugia; Pisa and Rome airports.

Direct flights to Perugia from London only. Direct flights to Rome from Manchester, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle


By airline

The following companies fly direct to Italy from the UK

British airways


Vueling Airlines




Blue Air

Norweigen Air International


Thomson Airways


Thomas Cook Airlines

City Jet

Neos Air


We recommend using Skyscanner as the best source to find out who flies where and when